The team has about 60 members; there are about 20 active competitors on wild and flat water.

Junior representatives of the Czech Republic on wild water are sixteen years old Matěj Kropáček (gold and silver on the Championship of the Republic in wild water) and Anna Zástěrová (silver and the 4th place in the same competition, 5th in slalom and 3rd in combination, the member of bronze team of the CR in wild water of hlídek on the championship prior to MSJ). 12 years old P. Zástěrová, 2nd in slalom on the Championship of the Republic is promising.

The old shipyard in the periphery of the town is being used for wild water and high-speed training, while the slalom racers are training on course of good quality bellow Písek, being permanently improved, having many artificial weirs and with more than 25 gates. The course was built and repaired with great effort following the floods in 2002 in cooperation with the other team of KVS Písek and it is the rightful pride of boating men from Písek.

The sponsors of the team are the building company CASTA ( and the producer of PROGRESS sportswear.