New boats and equipment

We offer one of the best race boats for all kayakers. Because everyone can be a champion…

Sprint boats

We offer a full line of ICF sprint and marathon kayaks.

Sprinter Small, Medium

Small Sprinter: A slightly curved hull combined with a deep stern promotes straight movement even with little action from the paddler. This boat has a wide weight scale. The Small Sprinter is designed for paddlers from 40 kg to 65 kg, even up to 70 kg. This kayak behaves smooth, does not jump, and is fast thanks to the very narrow hull. This restricts racers with wide hips so they will need to raise the seat by one notch. Our Small Sprinter is the model for smaller racers due to its shorter cockpit measuring 90 cm (need to be fitted by our spray skirt size 90). Medium Sprinter: Ideal for paddlers 65-75 kg. Compared to the Small Sprinter, this kayak offers more room in the hip area.

Vector ML, L

Model Sprinter ML and L were replaced in 2012 with a bright new generation of VECTOR models.
VECTOR ML has a recommended weight of 70-85 kg, while the larger VECTOR L suites kayakers in the 80-95 kg range.
Vector is an ICF sprint boat with the best parameters. Compared to other kayaks, Vector offers a more stable, smoother glide. This glide is achieved by a well-designed hull profile, especially the boat stern with its V line and optimum weight distribution. The VECTOR exhibits minimal vertical and horizontal movement when a high intensity, large paddler is moving at high speeds. The boat feels and behaves quietly with a smooth glide.

The kayak deck has clean, simple, and elegant lines. A higher bow breaks waves, and the stern is lower for the best boat behavior in the wind. This is an advanced boat design complimented by a new paddler cockpit with original dynamic logo.

We are already testing and improving new VECTOR M (60-75 kg) and VECTOR S (50-65 kg).

FIRST BOATS ARE COMING IN JANUARY 2014! Pre-orders are more than welcome…

VECTOR is the kayak with the best racing parameters for the kayaker who wants to win, or likes to glide with high speed!

Sprinter XL, XXL

Sprinter XL and XXL are our models for highest weight: XL for 95-110 kg, and our largest kayak XXL can carry a kayaker of 105-120 kg without a problem. Both of these kayaks glide smoothly with minimum movement when the paddler weighs as recommended.

Master 90, 110

Our more stable Master 90 and Master 110 kg kayaks are our best sellers. These kayaks are only a few seconds slower than the faster racing kayaks with low boat stability. Our master kayak offers the best ratio of stability and speed. The Master is used by lot of veteran racers around the globe to avoid tipping. Even paddlers over 70 years old don’t tip over! This stability is achieved by the flatter, wider hull, which allows the kayak seat to be 2-3 cm lower.

K2 Gemini

GEMINI is our complete line of double kayaks. These kayaks have good stability and quiet behavior. This was achieved by elongating the small hull curve, especially in the middle of the boat and flatter stern section. The smallest model is our 140 kg boat that is recommended even for kids 10-12 of age. This model line continues with models 160 kg, 180 kg, and our biggest Gemini 200 kg.

K2 Twin

Our hottest new model line of double kayaks is TWIN which comes in 150 and 170 kg models. TWIN is the fastest clean double kayak without compromise.

The hull of the boat has a bigger, elongated curve and the stern is round. To achieve an easy paddle stroke next to the boat, the sides before the rear paddler are narrow to the highest possibility. Deck design is in the line with our VECTOR K1. This model is clean with its simple and elegant lines. A higher bow breaks the waves while the stern is lower for best boat behavior in the wind.
Top racers and paddlers with excellent technique appreciate the Twin’s aggressive speed and immediate response to paddle strokes.


Many accessories and also the boats are under permanent development and various small improvements and modification are being applied, whether a design or materials.